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But if you have a bad experience or just fancy a change, you might lose out more at the end of your agreement. Initially PCP car finance deals were mainly aimed at premium new market. As a result, it can be cheaper to buy a newer secondhand car on PCP than an older model in cash. One major advantage buying a used car with a PCP deal is that the monthly payments tend to be low.

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So a used car will hold more of the value from when you take out your agreement. But there are disadvantages. Factors like wear and tear become more important. Should you buy a car on PCP?

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What should you watch out for? How long a term should you choose? What other car finance options are there? Should you buy direct from a manufacturer PCP offer? Is it worth buying a used car via PCP? There may also be penalties if you try to end the PCP agreement prematurely. APR Rates? What is a Good Deal? The deposit amount: Can you get a manufacturer contribution, or save with a larger deposit amount? Are you saving by getting a better APR, or do you end up spending in other areas?

The final GMFV amount: Is the final value of your car realistic when it comes time to buy or trade in? Could used values suddenly drop, leaving you out of pocket if you decide to buy the car? The conditions of the agreement: Are you likely to exceed the milage limits? And avoid making any modifications or failing to repair damage which could cost you when the agreement is coming to an end?

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Insurance: Generally car insurance will pay out on the agreed value of the car at the time it is stolen or written off, which can leave you out of pocket on a PCP deal. Gap insurance will increase the amount to the original sale price or the amount outstanding on finance. A longer PCP Car Finance Term means lower payments, but possibly more risks as well But this does mean more things can change during the agreement, including used car values. They may be cheaper whether or not you plan to own your car at the end of any agreement.

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Loans: Personal car loans are available from a variety of places, including most banks and building societies. Leasing: Leasing is the other option to get behind the wheel of a new car. Look out for the option when viewing a car detail page as shown in the screenshot. You simply need your debit or credit card to pay the initial deposit and your driving licence, as a form of identification. We can advise you on the ideal time to change your car - pop into a branch and speak to one of our Sales Staff.

We also have lenders who can underwrite this type of finance, normally offering a Personal Loan facility based on your credit score and not on the vehicle. We work with more than 20 lenders to find the right finance package for everyone. Please do make our team aware if you know you have a poor credit score - it means we can find the right finance option more efficiently.

Speak to one of our Sales Staff for more information. You pay an initial deposit, followed by monthly payments. At the end of your payments a final balloon payment remains. You can either pay this in order to keep the car, part exchange for a new car, or hand the car back. You take control of the car for a contractual period. It's also still available witn 0 per cent finance, so you can get the higher-spec FR version with the keen 1.

Citroen's C1 is compact outside but spacious inside, super-frugal and in this Urban Ride trim, available in some smart new colours. The Fabia mixes good value, practicality and comfort like all the best Skodas do.

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Spacious, hugely practical and good-looking, it's worth a closer look if you need the space. Recently Asked Questions I was flashed by a car to exit a road and then a vehicle drove into me - who is at fault? My car broke down when I drove through floodwater.

Before recovery, someone crashed into it - is it now multiple claims? Would I pay more to insure an imported vehicle?

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